Permanent solar radiation 

Permanent exposure of the display to sunlight can cause overheating and impair the functioning of the product. Please observe the operating temperature in the technical data.



Explosive or burning environment 

You should avoid placing the product near an explosive or burning environment. If the product is placed too close to an explosive or burning environment, the product may overheat and malfunction.



Installation on the floor

Avoid placing the product on the floor. Other people or yourself could trip over it.



Risk of injury during overhead installation

If the product is mounted above a work area where people are working, the bracket may fail.

  • Use an additional safety rope to secure the product in case of failure of the bracket.



Danger of short circuit due to defective cables

Defective cables can lead to short circuits and fires.

  • Before using electrically live cables, check that they are not damaged.



Danger to life due to damaged battery

If the housing should "inflate" the battery is defective. The battery could start to burn or explode.

  • Stop using the device immediately. 
  • Remove the battery from the device and dispose of it at a collection point.
  • Do not bring the battery into contact with water. Lithium reacts with water and increases the risk of explosion. A safe transport is possible for example in a box filled with sand.