This product does not belong in the household waste, but must be disposed of through the official disposal points. 

If the product contains an integrated battery, it must be removed from the device before disposal. The battery must be disposed of in a separate battery recycling facility. The remaining product must be disposed of with the electronic waste.

Instead of disposing of the product, you can also send it to us free of charge for recycling and refurbishment. WEROCK does not care if the device is still functional.  This is not only good for the environment, but also helps us to improve our products even further.

We participate in the system "Stiftung elektronik-altgeräte-register" under the registration number DE95468698. Our battery registration number is 21010619.

Information according to § 4 paragraph 4 Elektrogesetz

The following batteries or accumulators are contained in this electrical appliance

Battery type

Chemical system

battery in plastic housing

Lithium ion battery

Information for safe removal of the batteries or accumulators

  • Make sure that the battery is completely empty. 

  • Press on the release mechanism and push the battery down and slide it to the right (towards the release mechanism).

  • Carefully remove the battery or accumulator.

  • The battery or accumulator and the device can now be disposed of separately.