Function keys / shortcut keys


Application key - Opens the short menu of the application. This key has the same function as a right mouse button click


Activating the numeric keypad


Touchpad - The touchpad is a cursor pointing device that provides all the functions of a two-button mouse. Its main function is to move the cursor around the screen. You can also point, select or drag objects on the screen.


Fn keys - Press the Fn key in combination with the function keys (1) to perform software-specific functions.


Right mouse button


Windows key - Press the Windows key to open the Start menu. The key has the same function as clicking the Windows icon in the taskbar.


Left mouse button

Functions of the function keys

The function keys are equipped with some hardware-specific functions by default. These functions trigger the corresponding functions in Windows. If you are using an operating system other than Windows, these keys may not work. If you want to use the F keys of your application, press the Fn key additionally. The keys are assigned with these functions by default:

  • F1: Touchpad switch - Turns the integrated touchpad on or off.
  • F2: Sleep mode -Switches the computer to sleep mode
  • F3: Decrease display brightness
  • F4: Increase display brightness
  • F5: Disable speaker output
  • F6: Decrease volume
  • F7: Increase volume
  • F8: Search: Opens the search field in the browser
  • F9: Connect - Activates the connect field in the maintenance center
  • F10: Project - Activates the Project field in the Maintenance Center
  • F11: Settings - Activates Windows settings options
  • F12: Play/Pause - Play a selected media file and pause the playback

Using the touchpad

Das Touchpad ist ein Gerät zur Steuerung des Mauszeigers, das alle Funktionen einer Zwei-Tasten-Maus bietet. Seine Hauptfunktion besteht darin, den Cursor auf dem Bildschirm zu bewegen. Sie können auch Elemente oder Objekte auf dem Bildschirm zeigen, sie auswählen oder ziehen.


  • Point
    Move your finger on the touchpad to point the cursor at an item or object on the screen
  • Click
    To left-click, move the cursor to the element or object on the screen, and then lightly tap the touchpad or press the left button.
    To right-click, move the cursor to the item or object on the screen and press the right button. Alternatively, lightly tap the touchpad with two fingers to perform the right-click.
  • Double-click
    To perform a double-click, move the cursor to the item or object on the screen and then tap the touchpad twice or press the left button twice.
  • Drag
    To drag an item or object, hold down the left button and move your finger on the touchpad to move the item or object.
  • Scroll
    To scroll through a page, press and hold the left button, then slide your finger on the touchpad to scroll.
  • Scroll or Page Up / Page Down Function
    Scroll quickly through documents, applications or web pages by sliding two fingers on the touchpad in any direction.
  • Zoom function
    Some programs support zooming in and out ("zoom") of a display. Zoom by spreading or merging two fingers on the touchpad. The thumb and index finger are best suited for this.
  • Opening the Windows search
    Tap the touchpad lightly with three fingers to open Windows Search.